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Our Programs

At Bikes for Tykes, every pedal propels a purpose, and every turn of the wheel brings positive change. Our programs extend far beyond delivering bicycles – they are a testament to our unwavering dedication to uplifting communities and transforming lives. Join us on this road where bikes aren't just means of transportation; they're agents of transformation, fostering joy and community spirit.

Direct School Gifting

Discover the heart of our mission with the Direct School Gifting program. We partner with Middle and Elementary schools in Collier and Lee County, scheduling deliveries of requested bicycles. Bikes for Tykes reaches out to schools, offering the opportunity to provide bikes to students selected by educators. Upon receiving applications from schools, we review requests to determine how and when we can fulfill them. This impactful program operates year-round, focusing on enriching the lives of young individuals. No revenue is expected; it's all about creating smiles and opportunities.

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A group of people building bicycles in an indoor area.

Team Building Bike Builds

Engage in our community and corporate-sponsored Team Building Bike Builds. This program brings together local neighborhoods or corporate employees to assemble new bicycles. With the support of Community or Corporate sponsorship, participants join forces with Bikes for Tykes to create camaraderie while building bikes. This serves as a major revenue-generating event for us. Active engagements include bike builds with Subaru, Seagate, and the Port Royal Club, fostering teamwork and community impact.

Bike Repair and Maintenance Support

Join us on the move with our Repair, Maintenance, and Safety program, facilitated by our mobile shop truck, Myrtle. Volunteers drive Myrtle to designated sites, providing bike repairs during 'bike repair days' at local schools. We also support community members through special repair events, offering free replacements for bikes beyond repair. Engage with us at events like the Golden Gate Farmers' Market and Catholic Charities, where we extend our services. No revenue is expected; it's about keeping wheels turning and communities thriving.

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Community Support

Responding to community needs, our Community Support program steps in to sponsor local events. Utilizing Myrtle, our mobile shop truck, for advertising, we occasionally set up a "repair tent" to address specific needs. From serving as a Support and Gear wagon for sponsored bike rides to assisting with Bike Safety Days and supporting Sheriff's Office Events, we stand by our community. This program operates without revenue expectations, focusing on enhancing community experiences. For more information, feel free to get in touch.